man have Signs that Have a Sinus Infection

Are you noticing a sense of pressure on your nose, eyes, and forehead? Or, is there any sense of fullness on your face all the time? If yes, you might have developed a sinus infection in recent times. The sinus is the empty space that directly connects inside your nose. However, these are not the only signs of sinus infections. Rather, there is a long list of signs that might indicate that you have a sinus infection. Go through this blog, brought to you by the most recommended ENT specialist in Kolkata if you want to know the 8 most common signs of a sinus infection.

8 Signs of Sinus Infections that You Should be Aware of

1. Severe Nasal Congestion:

Sinus infections can make your nose swollen and inflamed. As a result, the nasal passage becomes narrow and makes breathing harder through the nasal passages. However, due to heavy nasal congestion, an individual may often find it difficult to have a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep when he or she has a sinus infection.

2. Thick Nasal Discharge:

Another common sign of nasal infections is having some thick and coloured nasal discharge. The colour of your nasal discharge may be yellowish, greenish, and cloudy in texture. Even, sometimes, the thick nasal discharge may come out with some traces of blood. If this happens in your case, make no delay. See the Best ENT Doctor in Kolkata at the earliest as this can be a sign of any other dangerous disease too.

3.Acute Headache:

Experiencing headache is one of the most common signs of sinus infections. If you have a sinus infection, you will more likely to feel both acute pain and pressure on your forehead, neck, between your eyes, in your teeth, and upper jaw. So, you can easily consider headaches to be a major sign of sinus infections.

4.Bad Breath:

An infected or inflamed sinus that often releases thick mucus may have a foul smell. When the mucus drains back of the throat of a sinus-infected person, it may cause severe bad breath. Apart from this, in sinus infections, bacteria might get trapped in the nasal cavities and produce an unpleasant smell.


It is very important to note that when you have a sinus infection, your body usually works hard to fight off the infection. As a result of it, you may feel more tired than usual times. Besides this fact, fatigue and tiredness can also take place due to severe headaches, sinus pain, lack of peaceful sleep at night, and difficulty breathing due to persistent sinusitis.

6.Loss of Taste and Smell:

As during a sinus infection, your nasal passages become narrow, along with difficulty breathing, you might experience a decreased sense of smell. As a consequence, your reduced sense of smell affects your sense of taste in your mouth. Even though you may still be able to tell sweet and salty things, the taste of food will be bland if you have an acute sinus infection.


If you have a low-grade body temperature or fever, it might be a potential indication of a sinus infection. This is because your body usually reacts to bacterial or viral infections by raising its temperature to kill them off. Therefore, if you are fighting off a sinus infection, your fever may be accompanied by fatigue or tiredness.

8.Tooth Pain:

Note that the upper back teeth are located close to the maxillary sinuses. However, due to this reason, sinus infections can even sometimes cause referred pain that feels like a severe toothache. If you have been suffering from tooth pain, see a specialist soon as the sinus infections affecting the upper teeth can cause pain that may be mistaken for a dental issue.

To conclude, it is also worth noting that the severity of the signs and symptoms of a sinus infection can vary individually. This is why not everyone with a sinus infection will experience all of these signs or symptoms. Yet, if you suspect that you have a sinus infection, it will always be best to consult an ENT specialist in Kolkata or a healthcare professional who can provide a proper diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment for sinus infections.

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