Although some people often struggle with severe sinus infections in the spring and summer seasons due to some seasonal allergies, sinus problems may even turn out to be worse during the cold season or winter. If your sinus issues become one of the major concerns as soon as the temperature drops, this blog, drafted by the Best ENT Doctor in Kolkata is perhaps for you to read on!

5 Strategies to Help Avoid Sinus Problems During Winter –

1.Wash your hands:

Did you know that we often suffer from sinus problems by helping germs to enter our mouth? Yes, unknowingly we do this by having food with unwashed hands. To prevent this problem, we must wash our hands thoroughly before having a meal or eating any food item and after coming home from outside.

2.Drink enough water:

Sinus problems often get triggered when sinuses get dry. So, just like other seasons of the year, we must drink a sufficient amount of water in the winter as well. Drinking enough water helps us to be hydrated throughout the day and saves our sinuses from being dried out.

3.Avoid catching a cold:

It is needless to say, both children and adults are more prone to catching a cold during the season of winter. However, catching a cold greets a bundle of sinus problems that may often affect the quality of life. So, protect yourself from getting a cold and cough to eliminate the possibility of further ENT issues in winter.

4.Avoid smoking:

There is no surprise to claim that smoking often triggers sinus problems. So, if you are a smoker or a non-smoker, do not smoke and even do not entertain passive smoking around you to stay away from sinus problems. Smoking is a vital factor that is addressed to be responsible for suffering from sinus issues.

5.Use steam:

This perhaps, is the most common traditional method of fighting off sinus problems. However, you can take steam from a hot shower to relieve sinus pressure and other symptoms like headache. Taking steam can even help clear a stuffy nose during winter.

As winter is approaching soon, we all need to be ready to combat common winter ENT issues like sinusitis and others. This blog has been all about preventing sinus issues this winter. If you have other queries related to other winter ENT problems, you should make an appointment with the Best ENT Specialist in Kolkata for proper knowledge and guidance.

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